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“You were only supposed to blow the b..... doors off!!” - Did you check what the customer wants now?

(Photo Source: Border Mail)

Knowing what customers need, as in the famous fictious 'bank job', is important, – and as we escape from the previous lockdowns do your customers still want what they had? How will you know?

Customer Research for your New Strategy

Since the extended evolution of emergence from lockdowns, many businesses have been discovering that their customers no longer want the same as before. Which of course is a challenge to being competitive as your own business emerges into the blurred light of post-pandemic economy.

One month into a new year - plans, ambitions, and business objectives have to be honed to meet the requirements that customers actually have now, not those of pre-2020. Different (products) packages and bundles. Service delivery channels. More frequent deliveries. Smaller quantities. Revised products and services. Eco-credentials.

Which probably means your processes no longer efficiently support how you can achieve the desired service levels with new needs of your customers’.

To match the processes to the marketplace, more specifically to your actual customers’ requirements, demands a new understanding of their needs. You can start by asking them, but that too easily becomes shrouded with the fog of getting the next sales order.

To achieve a comprehensive view of your customer insights an effective way is to apply independent research. Good research gives you the confidence to make decisions – processes to support your strategy – the basis of how your competitive ambitions can achieved.

Advent Management provides independent and confidential research capabilities, so you can understand what your customer wants.

Talk with Advent Management (Strategy : Process : Research). Start a conversation, email:

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