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Committed to Competitive Consistency

Advent Management’s philosophy is that businesses, staff, and customers work together better where processes are well-designed, effective, consistent, and support customers’ needs.

Client comment "... with James working with us it raised our own process orientation, making developments more effective and processes more reliable."

To establish this it supports service-oriented and customer-led companies to develop consistent processes and strategy, working with the client business to save money and improve profitability. We achieve this by providing new insights into operations strategy, identifying processes that are no longer effective; and undertaking industry research - informing decision-making to create reliable, consistent processes that drive competitive capability. See the Service Portfolio 

Advent Management was founded in 2018 to support/guide/encourage businesses to become more effective and competitive in their markets.

Client businesses range across many sectors – hospitality, industrial, and commercial businesses. Our Business Services focus on developing processes that are consistent in operation, and meet the requirements of customers and the marketplace.

We work with / alongside - directors, managers, and staff to create those consistent processes; processes developed from discussions with client’s customers, business managers and the process providers in the business.

Core Services

Advent Management’s services are delivered through Consultancy, Process Design, Training and Research.

We provide a range of services for clients, working independently and with partner organisations, to provide professional expertise and development skills. Service Portfolio

Businesses create stronger capabilities and provide a greater competitive service for their customers.

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