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Process Thinking – Growing the Business Effectively

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

A client business recently said that processes had been simple, "although now the business is bigger most operations are carried out by the staff. Times change, volumes get higher, regulations have to be complied with, and our processes needed to change too".

Sometimes seeing the important things isn't so easy - seeing the details from the patterns in processes. Deciding where the highlights are, and what the new pattern should be?

The business has successfully grown over the last 5 years, to a point where all the operational processes and activities have changed to meet the needs of the business, customers and compliance regulations. "That means, if we lose someone we need them to sketch down how they do their jobs, otherwise we’re stuck!"

"Not only that, in our processes we often find when we do draw them out some parts or steps aren’t needed, or worse - duplicated when the ‘job’ goes on to the next person".

Which is why the client needed some help. Taking advantage of lockdown, with understandably lower volumes of business, it gave them time to review how they did things. Knowing the details was important, however, they did need help working on the priority for which processes to review first. Having not been used to discussion based development they also needed support in facilitating these ‘process interrogations’ as they jokingly called them.

Working with Advent Management brought clarity to the project, insights into their data, and support on capturing key process information.

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